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Urban requalification of the Darsena area, Milan

International design competition by invitation

The competition requires the urban redevelopment of a fairly large area of the city, including the XXIV Maggio and Cantore squares, in addition to the Darsena.

The project focused on the following points: It clearly identifies the causes of the current degradation, and above all the various pollution factors. The project suggests an organic solution for mobility systems, taking inspiration from the studies carried out so far. The design enhances the cycle-pedestrian connections according to the routes provided by the various redevelopment plans of the adjacent areas and provides possible additional and innovative elements of attraction, such as encouraging a more extensive use of the Dock, in compliance with the request to give order and design to the entire area of the dock and squares.


Project by Bruno Morassutti, Francesco Giansiracusa, Alberto Baccega, Topotek1, Elke Stauber and Corinna Cappa