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Kindergarten in Immenstaad, Germany

Competition by invitation


The new construction of the kindergarten is designed in such a way that the old trees on the property are largely preserved, creating the largest possible play areas and different courtyard and garden situations. The roof of the ground floor building is used as an additional open space. It is a spatial fusion between building and outside space.
The day-care center is on the ground floor, accessible without barriers, which provides good support for inclusion in the kindergarten. The proportions of the single-storey building support the children’s sense of wellbeing. At the entrance there is a small forecourt, which invites you to have a short conversation and creates a relaxed pick-up and drop-off situation. Temporary parking spaces for cars have been created at the entrance.


Project by Franz Fallavolita, Marco Ortalli and Elke Stauber
and with Stefano Farina (3D)