Works>Canegrate Center (Milan)

Urban planning of the center of Canegrate (Milan)

First Prize in competition and built


Resulting from a competition win, the design for the new “center of Canegrate” focuses on the organization of the public space, which provides opportunities to articulate a sequence of urban spaces of different qualities.
The urban design of the center of Canegrate is divided into three parts: the main square, the square of the old church and via Milite Ignoto. The pavement of the two squares are characterized by stone and porphyry cubes, while that of via Milite Ignoto is paved in brick. The different pavements define the pedestrian squares and the access street. Located in the junction between Piazza Matteotti and Via Milite Ignoto is the “Information Tower”, with which the municipality communicates. The square in front of the church boasts a row of Linden trees and a designed stone pavement with a fountain. The fountain connects the square of the church with the main square. The project is all about connecting spaces and revitalizing the historical urban fabric.


Project by George Latour, Nicola Saibene and Elke Stauber