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Achtalschool in Baienfurt, Germany

Competition by invitation


The demolition of one of the existing schools facilitates the construction of a new functional and barrier-free school building with a high degree of flexibility, which implements the educational concepts of the community school and creates many communication areas (both indoors and outdoors). The idea is to accommodate and encourage circulation within the building and all around it, as a way of thoroughly integrating and anchoring the new school to the site.

The new building with its cantilevered winter garden on the first floor forms a canopy that protects the students / teachers from rain and guides them to the entrance. The winter garden in the southwest is intended to stimulate communication in the building; the horizontal and vertical distribution is located there. The entire area is equipped with retreat and work zones.

The new building is detached on all levels from the existing building of the ex-main school (materials, structure, technical extension), the already renovated and converted school building (interior/facade) will be preserved in its existing form.


Project by Franz Fallavolita Marco Ortalli and Elke Stauber