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Renovation of an apartment in Brera, Milan, Italy

The apartment is located on the fifth floor of an important period building in the Brera area of Milan. It is one of the few buildings that still retains the solid wood flooring blocks in the entrance hall.

From a distribution point of view, the project favours the simplification and continuity of spaces. The entrance space receives light from both sides and opens towards the city.
The four main rooms of the living area overlook the main front and are connected by large openings that enhance the considerable height and large windows. All the rooms are connected by a circular path, a choice of modernity and functionality in environments strongly linked to the nineteenth-century Milanese tradition.

Through the large arched windows the rich vegetation of the balcony “enters” the house and together with the plants placed inside creates a nineteenth-century greenhouse atmosphere.

The house was designed seeking a balance and a continuous alternation between the enhancement of the elements of the building’s style and the introduction of a contemporary language. The design of the doors is taken from the original one, the hand-finished wooden floor evokes tradition, while the full-height sliding doors and the large wardrobe with backlit translucent Corian doors stand out decisively.


Project by Corinna Cappa and Stefania Martinelli
Photo credit: Fabrizio Cicconi