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Commercial center, residential building and 5* hotel in Abuja, Nigeria

Abuja is the new capital of Nigeria. Unlike Lagos, a very big city characterized by social contradictions, Abuja is a smaller city where the institutional buildings define the urban texture. According to the new project, these buildings are in the center of the city to give it the international aspiration of the contemporary world. The project consists of a covered street and two glass towers at opposite ends. Along the street are commercial, business, conference and lifestyle center buildings. The continuity of the street is interrupted by three pedestrian squares lined with trees and water pools. The street is covered by a roof garden that can also be used as a green space for recreational activities. In one tower there is a hotel with two panoramic terraces containing communal areas, restaurants and cafes. In the other tower are the apartments. Starting from the eighth floor, the middle of the tower has a green space open to the top of the building. The apartments’ entrances face the green space. Offices, entertainment and commercial activities are located on 8th floor.

Project by Elke Stauber, in partnership with Maurizio Trovatelli and MSC Associati srl and with Filippo Bolognese (3D)