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Villa in Lugano, Switzerland

The villa is located in an exceptional panoramic position, on top of the Golden Hill of Lugano, suspended between the lake and the sky.
The lot, inside a compound originally belonging to a single Lugano family, has an exceptional economic value, which was clearly taken into account during the design, in order to enhance and increase it. The project is rigorous and is based on the repetition of a module both in plan and elevation.
The result is a building formed by three parallel volumes, slightly staggered in order to fully enjoy the breathtaking panorama. The three buildings are characterized by the use of materials; concrete for the one further uphill, wood for the one further downhill, and glass for the central one: a real strip of sky that thus illuminates the heart of the house. On the front, large windows place the rooms in close contact with nature: not only the private garden, but also beyond, the Alps and the lake, contribute to a general feeling of well-being.
At the northern end of the building stands the surprising circular plan of the kitchen, whose curved windows allow in the daily use of a purely functional space, an incredible panoramic view of the surrounding landscape.
At the other extreme, the pool, covered in gray resin, magically manages to reproduce the leaden and silver reflections of the lake below in a domestic version.

Project by Corinna Cappa and Maria Venco

Garden design by Antonio Perazzi