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Ycami, Milan International Furniture Fair in Italy 2004

The exhibition concepts were created for Ycami, a company that produces furniture that is predominantly made of aluminum. For three consecutive years (2002, 2003 and 2004) we developed the exhibition concepts for Ycami for the international furniture fair in Milan, which is a very important event for the industry and attracts a large audience.


Exhibition concept 2003
In 2004, two exhibition areas were realized: the Ycami stand within the fair and an off-show event in the CRT, a theater in the Palazzo dell’Arte in Milan. The theater space was used to present a new kitchen system and to provide a location for parties and cocktails during the salon.

We wanted to use modular elements that were repeated several times and with different modalities, resulting in a complex passage. Two spherical elements were the modules of our project: spherical domes with a diameter of 4 meters made of fiberglass, and polycarbonate balls, which were made with a diameter of 1.20 m.

The title of the exhibition Atmo-sfere suggests the idea of several worlds and planets that tell different stories – in these worlds the company’s products were used with the help of colors and evocative images.


Project by Corinna Cappa, Elke Stauber and Studio Villa