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Ycami, Milan International Furniture Fair in Italy 2002

The exhibition concepts were created for Ycami, a company that produces furniture that is predominantly made of aluminum. For three consecutive years (2002, 2003 and 2004) we developed the exhibition concepts for Ycami for the international furniture fair in Milan, which is a very important event for the industry and attracts a large audience.


Exhibition concept 2003
The room is divided into two different areas: a path where you can see the products and pictures on the walls, and another one that invites you to stay and relax, surrounded by a semi-transparent wall. The flowing and dynamic lines of the walls and Ycami display elements accompany the visitor. The images in the video are rotated, they move quickly, they dissolve, they follow each other like a vortex in space and give the exhibition stand uniformity. Research on the subject of movement and places of movement formed the basis of the video product. References include Shining (Kubrick 1980), Blade Runner (Scott 1982), Zabriskie Point (Antonioni 1970), Mister Hula Hoop (Coen 1994).


Project by Corinna Cappa, Elke Stauber and Studio Villa