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Villa in Newport Coast, Laguna Beach, California

The Villa is located on a hill between Corona del Mar and Laguna Beach, Newport Coast. The area is one of Orange County’s largest remaining example of open space and seashore. The clients requested a design of the Villa known in the United States as Palladianism. The overall development of the luxury villa is 1,200 square feet in size. The design and the materials of the building are reminiscent of the classic “Palladio Villas”. The Italian “Portico”, an internal courtyard, columns, terraces, pergola and three outdoor pools define the venetian design of the Villa. For the facade arcades with rounded arches and columns are used, which open up the exterior of the building and the interior courtyard. The rear facade facing the garden and the pool has a spacious loggia on the ground level. The ground floor is developed with axial symmetry and proportion.


Project by Corinna Cappa, Barbara Goltermann and Elke Stauber