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Luxury Outlet in Vaalimaa, Finland

The walkway in the Vaalimaa luxury outlet with its continuous skylight is enforced by the form and pattern of a ribbon and leads the clients through the gallery. The ribbon is marked on the floor as well and guides the client on an infinite and continuous shopping experience. Natural light falls in from above and gives an outdoor atmosphere. The elements of nature (light, trees and water) create a comfortable indoor climate.
We believe in the invisible qualities of an interior design, including aspects such as natural light, visual contact with nature and a comfortable indoor climate through climate management.


Project by Elke Stauber, in partnership with Maurizio Trovatelli

and with Valentina Del Motto, Chiara Scortecci, Sebastiano Ercoli and Filippo Bolognese (3D)

Consultant: Alfonso Senatore, Multienergy – Sustainability Think Tank