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Business Headquarters in St. Petersburg, Russia

The area for the new Business Headquarters in St. Petersburg (Russia) is located in an existing courtyard of the housing of Moskovosky prospectus.

The building reacts with its fluid form to the rigid surroundings, creating a completely new place. The business complex is conceived as a building in the park with the garden and light flowing through. The new shape establishes a smooth transition between outside and inside. A pattern on the glass facade creates privacy inside the penthouse and the business center. A light cone brings natural light inside the building.

Specifically, the perception of the project changes along the street, as the curve of the building shifts in relation to it. The resulting curved facade, which is
experienced from both the exterior and interior of the building, establishes multiple orientations and permits a variety of views.

The building has an exhibition space and a café on the first floor; offices and meeting rooms on the floors above and a penthouse on the top floor.



Project by Elke Stauber, in partnership with Maurizio Trovatelli

and with Valentina Del Motto and Paolo Vanin (3D)

Consultant: Alfonso Senatore, Multienergy – Sustainability Think Tank