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Renovation of an apartment in Riga, Latvia

The apartment is located on the shore of the Daugava in Riga, with a great view of the old town and the river. The large living room is the center of the apartment, from which almost all other rooms have direct access through wide sliding doors. The central living room space increases or decreases depending on whether the doors are open or closed. On the one hand, this facilitates communication between the rooms and at the same time protects privacy. The different areas are highlighted by the use of different materials and different architectural solutions.
The client wanted to use a decoration on the walls as well as on the floor, and thus the spatial idea of ​​the project was born: to connect the floor, the walls and the ceiling with a radius of 30 °. In order to underline this idea of ​​continuity, the architects used only a single surface. The synthetic resin material, almost white in color, accentuates this idea of ​​a homogeneous and flowing space. Parallel lines with mother-of-pearl varnish were applied to the surface and strip-shaped diffuse lighting was designed.


Project by Corinna Cappa, Barbara Goltermann and Elke Stauber